A new major source for research on Posen Jews available free and anonymously online #general

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JewishGen in its Kehilalinks for Poland,
has just published an important new resource for genealogical research
on the Jews of Posen Province. The website covers all 122 towns in
which Jews lived in Posen Province as well as other locations in the
province for the period 1772 to about 1923. It contains many thousands
of names of Posen Jews. The primary resource is a listing, available
free and anonymously online, "The Jews of Posen Province in the 19th
Century..." which is a source of both published and archival entries in
a total of 1,990 pages and contains about 10,000 annotated citations of
books, articles and archival fonds on the subject. The link also
references other reliable resources for research on the Jews of Posen
Province, today Wielkopolska, Poland.

Edward David Luft
Washington, DC

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