Family Name Clarification: ABRAHAM and ARVAI #general

Alex Magocsi

In researching some relatives on the periphery of my family tree, I came upon an
index card for Julius George ADAMS when he petitioned to become a U.S. citizen.
Julius entered the U.S. as Julius ABRAHAM, born in Heves, Hungary.

Also on this index card was the name Julius ARVAI, this name has a * beside it.
Alias is also noted on the card and I assume the word applies to both ARVAI and

Julius entered the US with his father Jakob who did not alter his family name.
Their destination was: brother - Harry F ADAMS, in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Currently I assume this was Julius's brother.

ARVAI is the name that I need to clarify. Since Julius was Jewish, I am
wondering if there is a direct correlation between the names ARVAI and ABRAHAM.

Can someone help?

Alex Magocsi

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