Emigration to Israel #general



I found a relative's name on the Panevezys District Group Emigration to
Eretz Israel list that was distributed last week. Below is the information:

Family Registration #AZ2621
Surname: Zelboviciute (Zelbovich)
Given name: Ita
Age: 20
Marital Status: Single
Address and Town: Birzai
Date (of application?): March 16, 1933
Photo: Yes
Comments: Made aliyah October 22, 1933
Archive/Fond/Inventory/File#: LCVA 588/1/2968

How do I go about finding out what happened to this individual and if
there are any descendants living in Israel?

Thank you in advance!

Michele Zell Kanter
Skokie, IL

Looking for:
Zelbovich, Zilber: Ponidel, Lithuania
Korb, Levin: Skopishok, Lithuania
Greenberg: Khammeny Brod, Ukraine
Karlik, Labintman: Kitay Gorod, Ukraine

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