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Yaron Pedhazur

Dear fellow researchers,

As part of my own family research, I am digging into Krakow early families
histories. One of the main challenges is moving >from the "records period" (early
19 century and on), to families in earlier generations, that are only partially
documented in the literature.

And -- one phenomena strikes me. Even in the literature of the early 20th century,
there is very limited info on tracing, even the most prominent families (e.g.
HOROWITZ, LANDAU, SPIRA), to their respective ancestries. Presumably, It should
come as no surprise. However, point to notice is that these families lived in
Krakow for generations, and were usually proud of their "yichus". So how is it that
nobody knew/knows ?

There are a few alternate explanations:
1. the families had no clue by the late-19/early 20 centuries ...
2. The families knew, but have not been asked, or have not cooperated with the

I would like to pursue the second option, hence my question:
If anyone is aware or possess original yichus breifs, tracing krakowian family/ies
to its roots, and into the 18 century -- I would like very much to make contact and
learn about it, share info and pursue the "lead".

For an example of such family history quest, the HOROWITZ family in Krakow, you
are most welcome to visit my blog and review the following post:
You can reply privately to yarpd at yahoo dot com.

Best regards,

Yaron Pedhazur
Tel Aviv, Israel

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