PERLEs of 18th century Germany? #general

David W. Perle

Hi, all. I'd posted a while back trying to find more info about my
great-great-great-grandfather David/Dawid PERLE, seemingly implied as
'the' rabbi of Kalisz, Poland for about 50 years by his grandson/my
great-grandfather, but I found in my research that there was a series
of official rabbis during the time frame around 1817-67...and his name
isn't among them. Hmph. (But I have determined that he was a sort of
assistant rabbi.)

Other than family birth/marriage/death records, I wasn't able in
the past to find much that referred to the rabbi (I'd hoped to find
some cool stuff since he served as clergy for so long!), but it
occurred to me that I've not yet looked into his earlier origin in
Germany. A relative of mine who also descends >from him told me that
the PERLEs weren't originally >from Poland but that the rabbi had been
German and relocated to Kalisz in order to fill a rabbinical position.

So...are there sources where I might be able to find more information
about this Perle line in Germany? I don't pretend to think that any
Perles there would be my family, but here's what I know:

- David/Dawid Perle
- born circa 1794
- Rabbinical student/young rabbi before emigrating
- Apparently somewhere in Germany

Not to necessarily recycle my earlier failed attempts at finding out more
about the rabbi in Kalisz, but just to let you know what I already know/have,
in case anyone might have new insight/leads:

I have the rabbi's 1867 death certificate already (confirming that he was
some sort of clergy), one of his kids' (my g-g-gf) birth records which was
translated as identifying him as a "lower rabbi," and a Google search
actually pulled up another Viewmate translation of a wedding that he was a
stand-in rabbi officiating over.

Thank you!

David Perle
Washington, DC


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