COHEN from Drechin Grodno Gubernia/Scotland #belarus

arnold friedman <afriedman21@...>


I am researching family that moved to scotland around 1902.

solomon COHEN abt 1871 older brother samuel abt 1859
bessie COHEN (possible maiden names lens, sravitski lenzewitski) abt 1875
maybe dinah COHEN abt 1895 daughter
maybe hanah COHEN abt 1896 daughter
issac COHEN 1900 his naturalization papers show derechin. son

there is a family thought (unverified) that the family changed their
name to cohen when moving to scotland. So would look at births,
marriages and deaths >from 1855 to 1920 and try to match up times.
maybe first names.

from what i have looked so far, did not see anyone with last name
COHEN in the area.

what is the best site to find family information. the 1897 census
could be very helpful, but i could not figure out how to access the
information online.

appreciate any advice on how to proceed.


arnold friedman

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