Re: Russian Emigre/Bolshevik Bill SCHATOFF Origins #general

Alexander Sharon


There is a detailed article in Russian language Wikipedia on Vladimir
Sergieyevich (Bill) Shatov.

Please refer to: .
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It says in this story that Bill was born on December 24, 1887 in Kiev.


Alexander Sharon
Calgatry, AB

Gail M Patterson wrote:

In researching my paternal SCHOTOFF family, I've been fortunate to
identify two second cousins who were previously unknown to me. They
believe that Jewish "Wild Bill" Vladimir Shatoff, a Russian who
emigrated in 1907 to Philly (moving subsequently to NYC) and who
returned to Russia in 1919 to join Trotskiy and the Bolshevik
Revolution, was related to our family. During the Bolshevik reign many
U.S. newspapers wrote about Bill Shatoff -- known as both an anarchist
and dynamic bureaucrat (he built the Turkestan-Siberian Railroad in the
late 1920s) -- but I have been unable to identify his birthplace in
Russia or perhaps any U.S. relatives he may have had in the NYC area.
Can anyone provide relevant information?

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