Berga am Elster--Schwalbe V Slavery Camp #general

Itzik Katz

Dear SIGgers,

My relative and I were able to trace his father's faith during WWII
and discovered that his father perished in Schwlbe V, a sattelite
force labor camp located at Berga am Elster.

We were also able to definitely determine that his father is buried in
a mass grave located in that town. There is a monument at the location
of the mass grave stating in German that this is the last resting
place of 314 people who perished as the result of the fascist regime
actions that tool place during WWII. The monument states nothing about
the fact that they were Jewish.

I was able to get the list with the names of almost all the 314 people
who were buried there.

My relative and I are working to put a new monument in the place which
will include the names of the people and state that they were Jews. We
also want to have the area fenced and have an access road paved to the
location which is inaccessible at the moment.

I am looking for survivors or relatives of victims and survivors who
were incarcerated in Schwalbe V--Berga am Elster.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in the list of names
or if you can share more information about the place.

By-the-way, The Nazis also used american POW of Jewish origins as
slaves in Brega am Elster as they were in hurry to complete the
digging of 17 tunnels for establishing an underground armament
factory. Both the Jews and the American POW lived in the same
conditions and were subject to "Extermination through Starvation".
Several of the American POW dies there and their bodies were later
exhumed and returned to the USA.

Thank you,
Itzik Katz

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