Chaine CHILMANESDORF #general

Debbie Wetlaufer

A 1900 passenger list indicates that the woman was going to her brother-in-law
"Chaine Chilmanesdorf" who resided at 85 Ridge St., New York, New York.

I searched the 1905 NY Census for 85 Ridge Street and located it (AD 12 ED 6
Images 14-20), but did not find anything close to this name.

I don't get any matches when searching this name. What variations might I try?

I searched on *dorf in Manhattan to see what sound-alike names might
turn up..... The closest were things like Chillendorf Killendorff
Kimmedorf Lamesdorf Landendorf Lamensdorf Seckendorf Schoendorf
Sickendorf Stahlendorf Sussendorf Uhlandorf Vettendorf Weinsdorf
...... "Lamensdorf" seemed like a good bet.

Is there a way to find "85 Ridge Street, Manhattan NY" in the 1900 Census????

I appreciate any tips you can offer.

Debbie Wetlaufer
Virginia USA

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