Postcards from the Past #general

Bob Fitterman

I have a large collection of family photos, most of which are well
documented. Some of them, however, have been a mystery for over 50
years, since I first encountered them. In October 2015 I had a major
breakthrough, discovering some things about a couple photos which then
led me to other genealogical discoveries. The process was so
eye-opening that I decided to document my experience and discoveries.
The video, which I have titled "Postcards >from the Past" is available
on Youtube:

I want to thank the resources that JewishGen provided. It definitely
helped me establish some of the facts of my search and led me to
people who could supply additional guidance.

The video is about Kosow Poleski, Poland aka Kosova, Russia (before
WWI) aka Kosava, Belarus (today)
The video deals with these family names: Rubinovitz (also spelled
Rubinowicz, Rabinowitz and Robinovits) and Wegodsky.

Bob Fitterman
New York, NY

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