Passenger manifest interpretation #general

Deborah Blinder

I have found a passenger manifest for the S.S. Deutschland sailing to
New York >from Hamburg on 20 Oct 1938 that lists relatives of mine. I'm
curious if anyone can clarify one of the column headings for me.
Column 12 says, "Immigration Visa, Passport Visa, or Reentry Permit
number (Prefix number with QIV, NQIV, PV, or RP and give section of
act involved)."

RP clearly indicates Reentry Permit. Since this list is for alien
passengers, I assume re-entry permits were issued to legal residents
of the United States who had gone abroad temporarily. The other
designations are less obvious to me, though.

I assume the IV in QIV and NQIV represents Immigration Visa, and PV
represents Passport Visa, My questions are, first, what the Q and NQ
stand for; second, what the difference is between an immigration visa
and a passport visa; and third, what the difference is between the two
types of immigration visas.

On this particular manifest, there is one NQIV number. All the rest,
including those for my relatives, are QIV. The things that set the
NQIV passenger apart are (1) his occupation is listed as "student"
(all other adult passengers have trades or are housewives or retired,
and the only child on the manifest is listed as "pupil"); and (2) he
is >from Switzerland (all other passengers are >from Germany). I don't
know if either of those differences has anything to do with the
different visa designation.

Deborah Blankenberg
Lodi, CA
Researching BLOCH/BLOCK (Germany to New York and Missouri),
BLINDER (Russia to New York via France), KUSHER/KUSZER (Poland
to New York via France), GOLDSCHMIDT (Germany)

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