Vilna Gubernia Records: 1876-1910 #general

Adam Cherson

Dear Fellow Researchers:

I am tracking my ancestry in the Vilna Gubernia in the late 19th Century. I
have located an entry in the All Lithuania Database
( that I would like to pursue but have
reached an impasse.

I ran a search on the All Lithuania Database for the name Benyaknoski in the
Vilna Gubernia and recieved 179 matches, each of which I have examined closely. The
entry of interest is on Page 548 of the 1876 All Lithuania Revision List: a
household in Lida consisting of Berko, son of Abram, and his son Shmuilo, age 21.
For various historical reasons and other entries in the ALD, which I won't go into
here, I believe that this Shmuilo is my great-grandfather. However, I am unable to
find any his records (nor for any of his relatives) after this one in 1876. So my
question is: do the sorts of records found in the All Lithuania Database exist for
the Vilna Gubernia for the years >from 1876 to around 1910? If so where are they and
how can I access them?

Thank you for your attention.

Adam Cherson
New York, NY

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