Seeking information for a trip to Grodno Belarus and Sokolka Poland #belarus

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Resubmit for posting to SIG as suggested by email about technical
issues last week.

I am planning a trip to the Grodno Belarus and Sokolka Poland area and
would appreciate any guidance or suggestions for how to conduct
research while on the trip or places to visit that may provide family
Any other general guidance if someone has already made such a trip is
also welcome.
If anyone else is planning a trip, perhaps we can compare notes.

I am reading the Sokolka memorial book and will continue to research
information on the area.

My grandparents left the area for the US before WW1, it isn't clear
how many family members remained in the area.
The family surnames that lived in that area: Krawczyk, Litsky
I'm also researching the following surnames: Gorrelic, Weber, Golub

Thanks for any assistance.

Bobbi Kraftchick Hoyt
Houston, Texas
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