Name confusion in genealogy search #belarus

June Genis

I recently discovered a strong genetic connection to a family named
Yarkoni based in both Israel and Portugal. The connection appears to
be through a Lena Okun who married a David Griner/Geener. They met at
a Zionist conference in Minsk in 1902. The Geeners changed their name
to Yarkoni when they emigrated to Palestine before WW II. According to
records >from my grandfather Simon Okun his parents were named Abraham
Okun and Lina Susman. I think Lena Okun might be named after Lina
but there is conflicting information in the Yarkoni records.

According to the Yakoni records Lena's parents where Itzhak Avraham
Okun and Leah Okun. My understanding is that Leah and Lena are
essentially the same name with Leah being Hebrew and Lena Russian. So
how could Abraham and Leah have named their daughter Lena without
violating traditional Jewish naming conventions? Their records also
indicate that Lena had a brother named Simon which is the name I have
always known my grandfather by. However the arrival record for
Simon's wife Rebecca who entered through Montreal says that she is on
the way to meet her husband Solomon in St Albans, VT. My aunt
Enta/Anne Okun was born in VT in 1906.

Unfortunately I don't have birth or death dates for anyone besides
Simon who claimed to have been born in Poltava, Ukraine in 1873. The
rest of the Okuns I have found including Lena, hail >from Rogachev,
Belarus. David Griner was apparently >from Bobruisk and engaged in the
Textile trade. The Yarkonis became farmers in Palestine/Israel. A
brother of Lena's, who I believe was named Yaacov, apparently went
with them.

I would appreciate receiving any information that might help me
confirm how Lena Okun is related to me or pointers to other possible
sources of information I believe that I have already made an
exhaustive search of the records on, and Apparently there are few surviving records for

June Genis
Hemet, CA
Researching GENIS, OKUN, ETTINGEAR, KAHANE (Russian Empire)
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