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Alexander Sharon

Melissa Marilynn wrote
I have spent a long time searching the JewishGen site and others
trying to find a town that was apparently in Poland called Bobounya
or Bobounia or maybe Borbunia or even Barbunya. My mother has said
that this is the sound of the name of the town where she was always
told her mother's family originated from.
When she was born, they lived in Stolpce (Stowbtsy) ...
Has anyone heard of the name of Bobounia or something similar ...

Locality current name is Bobovnya (Polish: Bobownia) located in Minsk region
of Belarus at 5315 2657, about 16 miles distance South of Stolpce, and
fairly close to the larger nearby Jewish towns Kopyl and Nieswiez.

The Geographic Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland (Slownik Geograficzny
Krolewstwa Polskiego) describes this place as a folwark (an agricultural
farm), located on the road between Piaseczna and Kopyl in a Slutsk district.

Folwark used to be a property of the known eye doctor Jodko.
In Minakowski's Genealogical Database, doctor is listed as
Witold Onufry Jodko-Narkiewicz (1834-1898), passed away in Bobownia.

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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