Re: Searching for a Polish Town #general

Phyllis Kramer

Melissa McCurdie asked for help ... to find a town that was
apparently in Poland called Bobounya or Bobounia or maybe
Borbunia or even Barbunya ... near Stolpce (Stowbtsy).

Melissa... How about the town Bobovnia, Bobovnya ...
5315/2657 in Belarus....18.1 miles SSE of Stolpce??

How did i find it?
1. Went to communities page and looked up Stolpce...
took down its position (latitude/longitude)
2. Went to radius search... ( )
and put in the position (latitude/longitude), then asked for
a town beginning with B, within 30 miles >from Stolpce.

Isn't JewishGen wonderful!?!
Phyllis Kramer
NYC & Palm Beach Gardens Fl.

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