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Kenneth Packer wrote: < Time line help needed: I am working on the arrivals
of my grandfather and grandmother, Morris Packer (originally Peker in
Russia) and Ida Packer (nee Chubinsky) I have never been able to find the
ship's manifest for Morris, but we believe he arrived in NYC c.1905. We
know >from family stories that after 2.5 years in NYC he saved enough money
to send for Ida, and their one child, Esther who staying back in Russia. We
have Ida and Esther's ship manifest that shows them arriving late August
1909. So the question is how long did it usually take for money to get from
the US to the Ukraine, and then for them to get >from the Ukraine to the boat
in Rotterdam? >

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Speculation about a timeline will not help you find your grandfather's ship
manifest whose family stories about 2.5 years may or may not be accurate.

Have you obtained all possible documents for your grandfather in the US?
What immigration years and citizenship status are listed on all of his

Naturalization documents after 1906 list arrival ship name, ports and date.
Arrivals after June 29, 1906 were verified by a Certificate of Arrival
listing passenger name.

Chaje and Ester PECKER's ship manifest on the Potsdam >from Rotterdam
confirms Morris arrived before August 24, 1909.

The 1910 census lists Morris arriving 1905 status Alien and Ida and Esther
arriving 1909 with Esther age 6 born Russia. Boarder Hyman Pecker arriving
1908 might be Morris' brother. The 1915 census lists Morris in the US 11
years status Alien and Ida 7 years.

Have you identified Ida's town of last residence Szwetow? in Kaiekv? on her
manifest? The town is probably Svatove, Ukraine that was in Kharkov
guberniya, Russia before WWI.

Mojeshe PEKER arriving January 22, 1905 on the Campania >from Liverpool last
residence Zwetov? is likely your grandfather Morris. The manifest was found
using a wildcard search in Ancestry for Morris Pe*ker born about 1878

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