WWII German Rubber Farms in Galicia #general


The recent Yizkor book translations update cited a new one -- Tluste
(Tovste) in Pinkas Hakehillot: Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities,
Poland, Volume II, pages 266-271.

According to those pages: During WWII, Jews worked on 23 agricultural
farms between Tluste and Chortkov under the management of the "GG
Caoutchouc" company growing a plant >from which they tried to produce

In February 1942, these farms came under Wehrmacht control. The farm
managers requested that their workers (many were young women) would
be given certain immunity >from Gestapo depredations. But on July
1942, the Chortkov Gestapo demanded the Tluste Jewish community hand
over 10% of the Jews who were unable to work. To complete the quota,
the Germans took 75 young Jewish women, who worked at the Koziya Gora
farm near Tluste, and sent them for extermination.

But on one farm near Tluste its German foreman managed, because of his
humane approach, to prevent further slaughter. This foreman claimed
that his workers were very essential to the farm and they shouldn't be
harmed. Several of this farm's workers survived and emigrated to Israel,
I personally met one of their sons.

I had heard some of the story about this farm and its manager >from a
Holocaust survivor friend >from Tluste. My family was >from Jagielnica, a
short distance north of his home.

Does anyone know more about this farm or about this German?

Stephen Denker
Brookline, MA
Researching Denker, Geller, Brie, Epstein and Weiner

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