Eldridge St Shul (Delancy and Rivington) #general

Shmuel Fisher

Recently my aunt mentioned that my grandfather attended the Edlridge St shul
during the 1910-1920 period. Can anyone tell me any history of the shul and
what type of immigrants attended? My grandfather was a tailor >from Plock
Poland. I want to make sure that that sounds probable. Are there any
historical records for the shul that I can look into?

Shmuel Fisher
Fountain Valley, CA

Researching: FLOREKs >from Wyszogrod, GROSSMANs >from Plock, GRUSZKAs from
Plock, FISHERs >from Kishinev, FISHERs >from Shitomir, KHMELNITSKYs from

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