Want to make contact with a Peter STELLMAN #general

David Ziants

I have recently come back to my family research during the limited free
time I have. I live in Israel, but was born and grew up in the UK.

Approx. 5 years ago someone by the name of Peter STELLMAN wrote to me in
German via My-Heritage site.
At the time I probably hardly noticed the message as I do not know
German and had no idea what it would be talking about.

Only a few weeks ago I found this as I primarily use Geni for my family
tree and until then, I did not think of looking into the in-box of
My-Heritage account.
As nowadays there are online translation programs - such as >from Google
- I was now easily able to obtain a rough translation to get a gist of
what the message was about.

Peter wanted to inquire whether he was connected to the husband, Morris
STELLMAN, of my great-aunt Gilda (or maybe Golda) - a sister of my
maternal grandfather Jack GABLE (originally GEWELBER). I think he felt
he might be a lost son. I do not dismiss the possibility of there being
"lost" children as Gilda was the second wife of Morris, and there were
possibly a number of cases on that side of the family - of which I have
very little specific information - of this sort of thing. For example my
grandfather a few times told me of a half brother who went to
Switzerland, but then my grandmother reported once a half-sister by name
Sonia. Morris passed away around seven years ago and before then I was
in a bit of contact with him when I visited the UK, being the few
family he had left after he became widowered, and for me he was the last
of an older generation. He asked me to search the internet for the
family name STELLMAN to see if I could find any relatives and although
he did not specifically talk about a "lost" son, I can imagine this type
of scenario.

There are a number of German "Peter Stellman"s on facebook etc and I
tried contacting each one of them. None of them seem to match the more
formal type of person and probably of older age as reflected in the
letter so I am not surprised that there are no responses to date.
Because the name is not unique, I do not feel that I am impinging on
anyone's privacy by writing this posting, and I imagine the right person
would be happy if he is located.

I also had no luck on Jewishgen family-finder nor discussion group
archives. If he was unable to write in English, in any case I do not
expect to find him on English language forums.

So does any one have any ideas on how I can find and contact this
person? I am sure ideas of a general nature would be welcome as postings
here, but for more personal responses, please respond privately.

Thank you in advance.

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel
(originally ISHMA or ISMAN) >from Narewka, Lodz and Lumza ; GABLE
(originally GEWELBE), REINA/RIENA/RAINER, MICHAELS (probably originally

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