Need Translation of family names on Borisov revision lists 1795 - 1834 #belarus


I am interested in finding out if my family name appears in the Borisov
revision lists of 1795, 1811, 1816 and 1834.
As far as I know, these revision lists have not yet been translated
and are not available in a searchable database.
However, images of the original revision lists are conveniently available

My difficulty is that the revision lists as far as I can tell are
written in Russian and Polish. I need someone who can look at each
of the images and translate just those images that contain my family name.

I know that has a page with recommended professional
genealogists. But for this project I don't necessarily need someone
with good genealogical research skills because the data already exist
on; rather, I need someone who has good language skills
and who is detail-oriented and very thorough.

Have any of you worked with someone who might be qualified and
interested in taking on this project?

Steven Zuckerman
Rockville, MD
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