(US): Edward David Luft speaking about his book, The Jews of Posen Province in the Nineteenth Century #general

Eli Rabinowitz

Hi All

The Hebraic Section of The African and Middle Eastern Division and The
European Division of The Library of Congress present Edward David Luft,
speaking about his book, The Jews of Posen Province in the Nineteenth
Century, >from noon to 1 p. m. on Monday, 21 March 2016, in The African
and Middle Eastern Reading Room, Room LJ-220, Thomas Jefferson Building,
10 First Street, SE, Washington, DC 20540. There will be a question
period at the end. The book, over 28 years in preparation, is online
and affords free and anonymous access anywhere in the world. It may be
searched for content online. It contains about 10,000 annotated titles
on the subject and is designed to aid writers and researchers of books,
articles, dissertations, theses, etc.

For additional information, contact Sharon Horowitz, 202-707-3780, or
shor@... No Library card or reservation is required, but please
allow enough time to clear security. If needed, please request
Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation at least five business
days before the event by calling 202-707-6362 (voice/TTY) or emailing

The Library of Congress announcement of the talk appears at
http://www.loc.gov/rr/amed/Upcomingevents/UpcomingEvents.html Scroll
down to the 21 March talk.

For those unable to attend but who wish to view the talk, sometime
between two weeks and two months after the talk, the video of the talk
will be posted online at

Eli Rabinowitz

Perth, Australia

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