Philadelphia Immigrant Banks #general

Charles Zar

If up to now, you've only had access to the index of Steamship Ticket
Purchases through Blitzstein Bank, Peoples Bank etc.=2C I can now report
that there's a very good chance you can view the actual document on line
today at no charge.

Temple University has been converting the ledgers to a digital format
and most of them are available to view.

The Web Address is:

Once you are at the page, click on the bank you are interested in.
You will still need the index to navigate the ledgers and quickly find the
documents, but most of you should either have it or know how to get it
on JewishGen, Ancestry etc.

This is an on going project, and books still need to be scanned, but I
was able to find about 75% of what I was seeking the other night.
and depending on what bank you are researching, your results should be

Happy Hunting

Charles Zar
Rockledge, PA

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