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I do have one cousin who married overseas but divorced in New York City.

Rochl Zlata KHIRURGh >from Kamajai, Lithuania (Komai) married Colman LEVY in
London, England in 1902. Her name per this marriage certificate is Janie
KORNROSS but I have plenty of information to back up my assertion that the
bride was aka Rochl Zlata KHIRURG.

They had one child born in London in 1902; in January, 1904 the three of
them arrived in the US, settling in NYC where a second child (Katie) was
born to them later that year. The little family of four appears in the 1905
census, living in Brooklyn.

Then their lives went haywire.

They remarried each other in Manhattan in 1907, this time under the names
Kalman LEVY and Jennie LEVY. Per the marriage license application, this was
the second marriage for each - yet both were "single."

Kalman divorced Jennie on July 7, 1910 in Brooklyn, NY. Allan Jordan has
kindly requested the divorce file and/or court's minutes for me so if either
ever turns up, we'll then know the grounds. I would guess it's desertion
because by September of 1909, Jennie was living in Niagara Falls, NY where
she remained until about 1912.

In the 1910 census, Jennie was listed as the wife of Jacob Morris TAUB, with
whom she was living together with her older child. They lived together until
his death in 1940. (And I have not discovered a marriage certificate for
that couple.)

In the 1910 census, Kalman LEVY and Bela POMERANTZ were living together and
had been married two years (not quite the truth). They actually married in
December, 1910 in Manhattan, stating correctly that he was divorced and sort
of correctly that this was his second marriage.

So why did Kalman and Jennie remarry each other in 1907? I doubt that it had
anything to do with renewing their vows or attempting to reconcile or a
divorce. More likely it had something to do with their daughter Katie, who
disappears >from their families after 1905. (I have a theory on this but it's
unrelated to the present query.)

A tangled web, to be sure, but probably not as unusual as we might think.

Linda Rose Mar
Sunnyvale, California

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