Great-grandma no longer a "kept" woman #general

Sandra Krisch

My maternal great-grandparents lived in Zuromin, Poland (Congress Poland, northwest
of Warsaw).My great-grandmother, Sura Ester CHOLEWA began to have children with my
great-grandfather, Oved FRANK, shortly after the death of her first husband, Avram
Rozensztejn in 1883. However, there is no civil record of their marriage until
1903. The birth records of all her children with Oved give her status as "not
married" and as being "kept" by Oved FRANK. My question: What might
have caused them to finally marry in 1903? I welcome your insights.

Sandra Krisch, Carefree, AZ

Researching FRANK, CHOLEWA, in Zuromin, Sierpc, Golub-Dobrzyn Poland=20

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