My great-great-grandfather Isaac DAVIDSON buried in Edmonton (U.K.) #general

David Ziants


I am trying to work which of the two graves at Edmonton Burial Grounds
in the UK (London area) belongs to my great-great-grandfather:-

Name | Ref-NO | Date of Death | Age at Death | PLOT | Row/Grave
DAVIDSON Isaac | B6531 | 16/07/1920 | 38 | N | 04 31
DAVIDSON Isaac | C8914 | 16/11/1931 | 50 | U | 19 26

The other one might also be a family member of mine.

My g-g-grandfather was a widower when he died. His wife's name was Sarah
(nee ALPERT) and she died in Poland/Russia before the family migrated to

They had 4 children: Alter Yossef - my great grandfather married Esther
nee FRIEDMAN; Avraham (Abraham) married Fanny nee BARULA; Dina (Diana)
married Samuel FREEDMAN; and Leah (Lillian) married a DUBOFF

The family name was originally ISMA (or ISHMA according to my
grandmother, when she was alive). Isaac with most children changed it to
DAVIDSON. Abraham, who settled in Glasgow, Scotland, changed his name to
OSMAN and lost contact with the rest of the family.

Is there anyone likely to be going to this cemetery in the near future
and does not mind taking a picture of each of the two grave stones? (Or
at least copy down the details). I am especially interested to know the
(right) Isaac's full Hebrew name.

If you are able to help this would be great. Please let me know what
remuneration you would like for expenses etc.

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

- To avoid duplication of effort, please contact David before taking the
photos he's requesting.
- Remember that our email system does not "play well" with tabs and can
often result in indecipherable blocks of copy. Please try to find other
ways to post tabulated data - and keep such data to a minimum.

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