Thank you, Barbara Zimmer! (Was: Hamburg Shipping Line Vessels) #general

Carolyn Lea

Barbara Zimmer continues to amaze me with her skill in finding such
misspelled records and records for which she has little background
information. She not only has helped me find missing information in
the past, she has taught me (and others, I am sure) much about

I now am able to share those methods with friends who are learning how
to search. Even if you have no interest in this topic check her method
out and go to the archives to search her other posts.

Thank you, Barbara, for sharing with us.

Carolyn Lea
ID# 152314

Researching: SCHWAR(T)ZBAUM > Posen, Prussia >New York,
Savannah, Georgia and California ROTH(S)CHILD> Zierenberg,
Hessen Kassel, Hamburg? Prussia> Darien and Savannah, Georgia
BASCH>Prussia>Savannah, Georgia LEW(V)ISOHN Elbing, West
Prussia>Brunswick and Savannah, Georgia OPPENHEIM(ER) >
Hanover>Savannah, Georgia and South Carolina WEINBERG >Prussia?
Hamburg?> Georgia WITKOWSKI> Posen, Prussia > Georgia,
Florida, New York

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