re; Holocaust victims born in New York #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Monica Leonards of Philadelphia asked recently how it
was that people born in the US, were deported from
Vienna and were holocaust victims - in essence, she
wondered why they did not return to the US in time?

I discussed this matter with Joe HERZ, an
old-established and knowledgeable SIG member from
Texas. He gives me full permission to post his views
as he has problems with plain text. This is what he
told me during our conversation:

"I would like to mention something concerning US
citizenship abroad. In the 1920s a new law came in
effect. Naturalized US citizens who returned to and
resided permanently in the country of their origin
lost their US citizenship after 3 years if they did
not return to the USA permanently.

Naturalized citizens residing in other foreign
countries lost their US citizenship after 5 years of
permanent residence abroad. There were exceptions to
this law and in the 1950s the Warren US Supreme Court
declared the law unconstitutional. Former US citizens
who had lost US citizenship under the law could
recover it. This may explain why some US citizens
living in Vienna could not return to the USA."

Celia Male [UK]

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