geographic naming conventions #belarus

June Genis

I am having trouble pinpointing exactly where my Okun ancestors are
from because I don't quite understand the naming conventions used in
identifying geographic areas. At least two of my ancestral relatives
listed "Rogachev" as their former location on their US immigration
documents. At the time the town of Rogachev was in the Mogilev
Guberniya. Later on it appears in Gomel. However I have also seen
documents that appear to identify Rogachev as a ujzed. Most references
I have seen to Rogachev do not identify WHICH Rogachev they are
referring to, town or ujzed. Further confusing things is that I have
recently found information that indicates they may have been more
specifically >from Tikhinichi which appears to be some sort of
subdivision of Rogachev. I would appreciate any information that
might help me to more specifically identify where these places are and
what archives are likely to have documents for this area.

June Genis
Hemet, CA
Polish and Russian Empires

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