JRI-Poland adds more Warszawa Vital Records Data #general


In commemoration of the start of the Warszawa Ghetto Uprising on the Eve of
Passover, April 19, 1943, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland has added
nearly 5,600 more Warszawa vital records to the JRI-Poland database.

Updates were made to the following projects:

1) Additional extracts for the Warszawa LDS Jewish data covering the
1826-1865 time period (Fond 180). This dataset now consists of over
70,000 records. We have begun to add image links to this file and the first
film that was linked is LDS microfilm 069531

2) Additional extracts for the Warszawa Jewish records >from Fond 200
covering the 1864-1915 time period. This group of files contains over
83,000 records of which 83% are now image linked.

Our researchers are working on the data extracts and filling in the gaps on what
has not been done. Each successive year another year becomes available for
indexing. Though many of the records were destroyed or disappeared during the
decimation of the city during World War II, we still have many more records to

Happy Passover.

Chag Kasher V'Sameach

Hadassah Lipsius
Warszawa Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator
Warszawa Archive Coordinator

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