Re: Technical Questions About Belarus Database #belarus

Martha Forsyth

You know, in International Folk Dancing, those of us interested in
Slavic dances soon learned that there are different ways of
transliterating the same Slavic letters - and a very wise and savvy person

taught us that which one you get for a particular item depends a lot on
which COUNTRY it came through. So the same character could be rendered
as e, a, or u: if you're talking about the word "
" (which happens to be Bulgarian), you will get 'reka', 'raka', or 'ruka'.
In French, would be normal; in German something else, in England yet something else.
yes, the could all be different spellings of the same name when you
add pronunciation differences >from different regions, AND the vagaries
of the way people THINK it might be spelled.... That's what a "fuzzy search is
all about!

(In the interests of transparency, I'll say that I also have an MA
focused in Russian, and speak Bulgarian well enough to sometimes be
mistaken for a native.)

Good luck,
Martha (Schecter) Forsyth

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