Platz/Plac from Delyatyn #general

Shelley Mitchell

Dear friends -

I have hit a major brick wall. It seems I have an impossible task.
My great aunt Perl TERNER-MOLDAUER of Kolomea/Kolomyja married Isaac PLATZ of
Delyatyn in 1910. When the Soviets reported on the murders in Delyatyn
during the Holocaust, they listed Isaac PLAC and his brothers who owned a
hotel-spa. With Isaac, they listed three females. No names were given
for any females. I assume one was his wife, Perl. But they had 7 children,
including a son named Samuel, a dentist. If any of the others escaped,
they could have gone anyplace in the world and might not have known much
about their TERNER-KONIGSBERG connection in America at the time.
On the off chance that at least one child or their family escaped,
I'm asking you to contact me if you have any information about the
family of this couple.

Shelley Mitchell
Brooklyn, New York 11201

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