Search for Ship that Carried Grandfather to America #general

Lawrence Weintraub

Hello All:

After considerable effort, I obtained a copy of my grandfather's Alien
Registration Form >from 1940. It contains very interesting information
but the piece that excited me the most was that he arrived in New York
as a 22 year old >from Russia on a ship in 1903. This came as a
surprise because I had the family in the Boston area until 1931 when
he and his immediate family moved to New York. So far, my excitement
has been somewhat muted by my inability to find the ship, passenger
list, etc. His name was Sam EDELSTEIN though the form said he entered
the country under the name of Sam ADELSTEIN. He claimed to arrive in
NYC on February 22, 1903 aboard the S.S. Patricka. I can't find such
a ship though I was thinking the Patricia was a possibility. I am
requesting the help of the nautical mavens out there to help steer me
to the correct information.

Thank you.

Lawrence Weintraub
Hicksville, New York

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