Re: Search for Ship that Carried Grandfather #general

Lawrence Weintraub

Thank you all very much for your assistance and guidance with my
inquiry. I agree that the S.S. Patricia is the likely correct name of
the ship in question. I do not think, however, that Salomon EDELSTEIN
was my grandfather as none of the other personal information (family
members, hometown, etc.) seem to match. He was >from Stepan (spelling
varies), Russia in all records.

An interesting twist to this research was that it began when I noticed
that the 1940 Census had him as having "first papers" leading me to
request records >from the USCIS over the past year which did not reveal
much until recently as stated in my earlier e-mail. A related mystery
from the AR-2 form was that Sam EDELSTEIN stated that he had filed for
first papers in Boston on August 29, 1906 but was still not a citizen
in 1940 New York and I have no proof he became one before he died in
1955. I will try to follow up on the Boston first papers hoping to
find an immigration clue that is more time-proximate.

Thanks again for all the suggestions as to sources and approach.

Lawrence Weintraub

Researching WEINTRAUB and SCHWARTZ (Rava Ruskaya), EDELSTEIN (Stepan,
Russia), Steinberg (Russia)

On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 1:24 PM, Lawrence Weintraub
<weintraubfamilyresearch@...> wrote:
Hello All:

After considerable effort, I obtained a copy of my grandfather's Alien
Registration Form >from 1940.

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