Re: Origin of female name "Meimel" #general

Aubrey Jacobus <aajacobus@...>

Could Meimel mean "little aunt" >from Meime in Yiddish ?

Aubrey Jacobus

On Wednesday, 27 April 2016, 2:46, "Deborah Dworski ddworski@..." wrote:

I have a female cousin whose Jewish name is Meimel. She was named after her
grandmother. She would like to know about the origin of this name, but I
haven't been able to find anything about it. I do see that there are about
thirty females with the name Meimel in the JRI-Poland Database, so it's not
unique, though it does seem rather unusual. Maybe it's a nickname, and I'm
just not making a mental association with the formal name?

Would anyone be able to help me?

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