IGRA Meeting on May 30 in Petach Tikva, Israel The Lockdown of the US Social Security Death Index #general

Elena Bazes

Tuesday, Monday, May 30th at 20:00 in Petach Tikva, Israel
Join us for the next meeting of the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA).

The Lockdown of the US Social Security Death Index: Lessons to be learned by the
Genealogy Community.

Like all else, genealogy is impacted by its environment. Political and
technological considerations are operating in Genealogyland as never before, with
the Law of Unintended Consequences leaving its mark, for better or for worse.

As a result of the political and technological processes, significant restrictions
have been placed upon an invaluable United States information resource, the Death
Master File (DMF), the commercial version of which is familiarly known to
genealogists as the Social Security Death Index (SSDI).

The genealogy community was in many respects caught off guard by the storm that led
to the restrictions now placed upon the DMF/SSDI, and it took much political
capital and muscle to mitigate the damage, which could have been far worse than it
developed to be.

Ken Ryesky will discuss the lessons to be learned by genealogists >from the DMF/SSDI
fiasco, including the need to be mindful of the operative politics and technology,
the need for responsible practices, and the need to positively promote genealogy's
public image.

Location:Private home in Petach Tikva. Space is limited, so registration is a must.

RSVP to Gilda Kurtzman gildak@smile.net.il
Cost: IGRA members-Free Admission Non-members-NIS 20
To join IGRA, go to http://genealogy.org.il/membership/

Elena Bazes
IGRA Publicity Chairperson

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