Re: New York City Clerk's Office Marriage Index #general

A. E. Jordan

Allan Jordan wrote:

<<There's a lot of misinformation floating around about this file. ....

Further there's a lot of discussion that these forms are three pages so that
have so much more information That's not what I have found after years of
working in these forms. Most of the instances I have seen the information is
the same as the more recognized Health Department certificate. Second even
though there are multiple pages it is very repetitious. Rare have I found
that people gave different answers to questions such as place they were born
between the two sets of documents.>>

To add one more element to my earlier comments >from being at the Archives yesterday
and working with the file.

I did see sometimes supporting documents including an Italian baptismal
certificate and also a NY City proof of age certificate attached in rare cases to
the individual files. The most interesting one I saw was a divorce in California
many years after the marriage and it was attached to the application file on the
microfilm. So in these out of the ordinary circumstances there was something added
to these files beyond the information that you would also find on the Health
Department certificate.

Allan Jordan

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