Organizing Research for Non-Computer-Literate Genealogist #general

Sheldon Dan <sheldan1955@...>

I have been corresponding with someone who is helping me with genealogy. She
sent me an e-mail in which she admitted that she needs help.

She writes, "I don't know how to organize my information. I spend hours pulling
out >from here or there, write it on scraps of paper, and there it sits." She
works with a smart phone, and I have been sending charts >from my genealogy
project. I have been using MyHeritage for a while, and although I could use
descendants' reports that are similar to those of other genealogy programs I've
seen, the reports are good enough to communicate with people through e-mail. As
she says, "Your charts I take off and write on paper so it can be seen. Then

She apparently does not have a good idea for organizing the material. She
suspects that she has looked up the material two or three times because she
cannot find the data she is looking for.

I would truly like to give some good advice, so I am turning to you. What would
you suggest to a non-computer-literate genealogist about organizing the data
into something that will function well?

Sheldon Dan

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