Russian Language Assistance #general

Rochelle Gershenow

Back in 2011 I discovered a Page of Testimony for an Aba KHAIKIN in Priluki
in the Yad Vashem database. The address for his daughter, the submitter of
the testimony, was in Dnepropetrovsk. At the time I needed some help with
the address as I wished to send a letter. I sent an email to Ukraine SIG
and/or Jewish Gen Discussion List asking for assistance. A gentleman who
read my email contacted me and, not only helped with the address but also
helped me translate the letter into Russian, which was sent in August 2011.

It is now almost five years later and I just received an email >from a family
member of the woman to whom I wrote. Unfortunately, because of a computer
crash I no longer have the name nor the contact information of the person
who helped me. If this person reads this email, I would appreciate it if he
would contact me directly.

Rochelle Gershenow
Connecticut, USA

AGINSKY (Belarus); BERG (Galicia); CHAIKIN (Homyel, Belarus; Priluki, Ukraine);
COHEN (Galicia); FRUSHTICK (Galicia); GERIS/GERRISH (Vitebsk GuberyniaBelarus/
Latvia); GERSHONOWITZ (Lithuania; USA); LANGDORF (Galicia); LUBINSKY (Lithuania);
MERRIN (Belarus); PODNOS (Lithuania); PURINSON/PURINZON (Priluki,Ukraine;
Argentina; Brazil; Israel; USA); SLONIMSKY/SLONIM (Minsk, Belarus; USA); SONDEK/
SUNDOCK/SUNDACK (Janavole, Borkhovo, Rezekne, and Ludza, Latvia; USA); SOKOLOVSKY

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