Re: Organizing Research for Non-Computer-Literate Genealogist #general

Pierre HAHN

The 3x5 cards (or the next size larger)

Each card with one named person the last name highlighted for sorting
it in alphabetic order

Each card with the information collected for that person:
date of BMD, burial, education, prizes, occupation, residences,
etc..and the references on where you got the information

Each card with the following four entries:
Previous name of grand parents
With name of spouse(s) and sibling(s)
Next name of offspring(s)

Other names of friends, nanies, co-workers etc and other people
important to this person's life

Obviously if you use a computer you will not have to repeat a lot of
info, but that is what you will need

All the information to be legible so that others may be able to read
it - no personal short cuts

A large file cabinet for the thousands when your tre becomes a forest.

My $$$$ worth

Pierre M Hahn, San Francisco

On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 11:03 AM, Sheldon Dan <sheldan1955@...> wrote:
I have been corresponding with someone who is helping me with genealogy. She
sent me an e-mail in which she admitted that she needs help.

She writes, "I don't know how to organize my information. I spend hours pulling
out >from here or there, write it on scraps of paper, and there it sits." She
works with a smart phone, and I have been sending charts >from my genealogy
project. I have been using MyHeritage for a while, and although I could use
descendants' reports that are similar to those of other genealogy programs I've
seen, the reports are good enough to communicate with people through e-mail. As
she says, "Your charts I take off and write on paper so it can be seen. Then

She apparently does not have a good idea for organizing the material. She
suspects that she has looked up the material two or three times because she
cannot find the data she is looking for.

I would truly like to give some good advice, so I am turning to you. What would
you suggest to a non-computer-literate genealogist about organizing the data
into something that will function well?
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