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rv Kaplan

No reason why they couldn't have come >from Fastov, Ukraine originally
and stopped off in Scotland or passed through to get a ship from
Glasgow. Glasgow was a common port of embarkation for the USA at that
time, but it may be that they only lived in Scotland a short time, or
were just passing through. There were some people with this surname in
Scotland, but not sure if they were all the same family.

Unfortunately, there are no arrival records for us to consult for when
they arrived in Scotland, so not sure how you will prove this, unless
you go with the naturalisation record, or find them at the Ukraine

For what it's worth, my mother's parents came >from Kaminets-Podolsk in
the Ukraine in 1903-6, via Rotterdam, to Glasgow.

Harvey L Kaplan
Scottish Jewish Archives Centre

On 27 May 2016 at 21:10, Myrna Goodman wrote:
I hope someone can help me find a way to trace my grandparents' original place
of embarkation to Glasgow. David and Lena OSTROFSKY left for NYC >from Glasgow
on the Columbia in June 1906, landed on June 6 and were detained (my grandmother
was very pregnant with my aunt, who was born in NYC about a week after they
arrived). They were released on June 8th,1906.

On my grandfather's naturalization document, his last place of residence is
given as Fastov. The family believes they were >from Odessa. Is it possible the
clerk misunderstood Glasgow for Fastov?

Is there a database that lists embarkation sites?

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