Re: Organizing Research for Non-Computer-Literate Genealogist #general

Eva Lawrence

I'm pretty computer literate, but I prefer to work with paper records. So
I acquired a printer and organise my research results in A4 ring binders. I
have binder for each surname or person, depending on the amount of material
available, marked clearly on the cover. The print-ups are inserted into
transparent punched-hole A4 filing envelopes and slotted in date order (the
date of the vital record, not the date of acquiring it).

Because the software enters sources on the print-ups in most cases, I don't
need to do that. But your friend can do the same with her manuscript notes,
recording the source herself. She does need to take time to write the data
out neatly with all the relevant information on each sheet, or sheets.

Just doing such meticulous filing will give her a much better overview of
what she has found out, and make it evident when a piece of research has
already been done.

It may sometimes be helpful to file duplicate sheets in different folders.
And don't edit out anything that doesn't seem relevant now, because it may
prove to be useful later on.

Admittedly this filing system takes up a lot of space - but that's my
personal choice. And I keep the stuff on my computer as well!

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

From: Sheldon Dan <>

...What would you suggest to a non-computer-literate genealogist about
organizing the data into something that will function well?

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