Titles of GenAmi 76 #general

Micheline GUTMANN

The titles of Genami 76

- Sarah Bernhardt: she was a well-known tragedian and famous artist.
But very few of her genealogy is known. We could add some precisions.
- History of the Jews of Gniewoszow (I). A competition was held among the
descendants to tell the story of this Jewish community. There were three
winners. We publish here the first text.
- The Horaschdowitz - Razsovich family
- The Wormser family of Schwenheim (Alsace)
- The Jewish soldiers of Napoleon (A database of more than 1200 soldiers has
been done)

Book readings
- Jacob, Jacob (the story of a young man who went >from Algeria to France
then Germany to fight against Germans in 1944)
- Memoires juives de Corse (Jewish memory of Corsica)
- La fin de la homme rouge (Nobel price)
Genealogical review - Landsmen (Suwalki-Lomza) and reminder of available
sources in France

Best regards to all.

Micheline GUTMANN
GenAmi, Paris, France
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