Re: Organizing Research for Non-Computer-Literate Genealogist #general

Lesley K. Cafarelli

Sheldon Dan wrote:
...What would you suggest to a non-computer-literate genealogist about
organizing the data into something that will function well?
If you or another computer-savvy friend or relative or Family History Center
volunteer can help her print out an initial set, your friend might benefit
from using the many genealogical forms that are online, including research
plans, research logs, individual tracking forms, family group sheets,
pedigree charts, and forms for extracting information >from censuses, etc.
With one or two copies of each type of form she likes, she can take a set to
a copy shop such as Kinko's or UPS to make lots of copies, keeping one clean
set to make more when she needs them. As she works, she can organize her
forms in binders, as someone else suggested, or file folders by family group.

You can find sample forms on FamilySearch, NARA, links on Cyndi's List and
many other places. You can also find an assortment by searching a particular
type of form in Google Images. There is also a group on Facebook called The
Organized Genealogist where people share forms they've found or created.

I can't imagine fitting all the information I collect on an individual on a
regular index card or even a 5" x 8" card, but these forms might help. All
she needs is someone to help her find and print the initial set.

Lesley K. Cafarelli
Minneapolis, MN, USA

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