Re: Burial Customs #general

A. E. Jordan

From: Joseph Hirschfield
Infants were often buried in an allocated section of a cemetery. The back
section represents the least expensive plots in many cemeteries ...
Often the tombstones were small and made of inexpensive sandstone.
In the New York cemeteries (at least) you will also see sections set aside
for children within the society grounds. In part the grouping of children had
to do with the smaller size of the graves, so not to waste space they grouped
them or allocated smaller areas often to the back or the side of the main
burial areas. It also depends if the societies allocated areas to families or
if graves were by date or sometimes they would leave one space so spouses
could be together. In most of the society plots you will see they originally
also separated males and females with this custom being abandoned only in the
1910s or 1920s -- earlier if they were less Orthodox or trying to match the
assimilating culture.

Allan Jordan

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