Re: Early 1880's Italian Records Found On-Line- free access *Update* #general

Sal & Ellen Barbieri <elsal@...>

Haven't checked this site in a year. They now have 48,443,687 images >from
44 State Archives in Italy as of March 2016.
Ex. I looked at Province of Bari, town: Palo del Colle. Divided into
sections so click all of them. Napoleanic has 1806-1815; Restaurazione has
intermittent years B. 1823-44, M & D 1816-60; Civile has all 1861-1900.
I also Goggled "palo del colle" & got a direct link to records on Mormon
site: Family Search. Would be helpful to do for other towns.

Buona Fortuna,
Ellen Barbieri- Researcher #8682
San Diego, CA

From: "Sal & Ellen Barbieri" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 23:16:56 -0800

Helping neighbor with town Frisanco, Udine. These sites have BMD, Banns &
Allegati (odds & ends) for most of years 1806-1815. Site says formed in
2011. Updated in 2015, says now has 20,679,681 images >from 26 State Archives
in Italy. Assume they will be adding more.

I googled above in quotation marks +Cosenza & got the following:
Huge list of resources including Jewishgen, Immigration to Brazil, Argentina
& lots more.

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