The Vilna Great Synagogue and Shulhoyf Research Project #general

Jon Seligman

Subject: The Vilna Great Synagogue and Shulhoyf Research Project

As part of the process to find a fitting memorial for the Great Synagogue of
Vilna and its associated buildings, we are conducting our second season of
research at the site to excavate, preserve and present in-situ the remains
of the Great Synagogue as part of an overall scheme for the long-lasting
safeguarding of the memory of the Jewish community of Vilna, the 'Jerusalem of

The 2016 season of excavation will take place on the site of the Vilna Great
Synagogue and Shulhoyf between the 20th June to the 1st July. We will be
concentrating our efforts this year on the exposure of the miqve (ritual
bath) of the Shulhoyf that we located last year using ground penetrating radar.

During our work at the site anybody visiting Vilna is welcome to visit the
excavation, located on Zydu Street, behind the school that now covers part
of the synagogue.

Further information concerning the project can be found on our website at - .

Jon Seligman
Jerusalem, Israel

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