Chaim CHAMITA #general

Dina Hill

Hello JewishGenners,

I am referring to my great grandfather Chaim CHAMITA (not my uncle who
there are sparse records for) who was married to my great grandmother
Ruchla Zlata ZYMERMAN.

The only record I could find shows that my great grandfather's parents
names were Abram Chamita and Nena ROKENMACHER. The record I saw kind
of implies that he took "her" maiden name.

Thanks to Alexander Beider helping me make sense of things, he was in
total agreement that the CHAMITA name is extremely rare. In Hebrew,
it means "pancake". What an odd last name. He agreed with that as
well and told me at that time, most surnames were German but mine
definitely wasn't. Maybe someone was a pancake maker??? Who knows!

It's as if the name CHAMITA began with my great grandfather Chaim
which is why I always felt he came up with that last name using his
first name.

Any ideas, views, opinions or advice?

Dina Aptekar Hill

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