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Hello Genners,

My grandmother was Bessie Bogatin I am researching her family to determine her
place of birth in Russia or Poland.

The border changed over the years. I have been able to identify her three
sisters Sarah (FLAX),and Rebecca (ALBERT)and Ida (GUDELSKY). Do the sister
connect with anyone who has knowledge of their birth?

They settled in Baltimore MD. I am not sure about a brother, Mayer HALPERIN,
HALPER or HALPERN who could have lived in NYC or Cincinnati. I have not been
able to locate a census record for Mayer. I have not been able to find
naturalization record in the best known sources. The papers might indicate his
place of birth.

Thank you

Walter Spector
Philadelphia PA

SPECTOR-Zaslov (Izyaslov) Volhynia Gub. Ukraine-Woodbine NJ-Phila. PA; EBY/
Glaymen (AB) Rushany, Grodno Gub. Belarus-Woodbine NJ-Phila.PA; BECKER-Klevan,
Rovno Phila. PA Brooklyn NY: GREENSTEIN-Boston MA: SELTZER(ZELTZER)Rovno, Klevan,
Alexandria; Poland-Brooklyn NY LONDE, LANDAU,LONDON, LANDER, Proskrov-Phila. PA
PITKOWSKI Rushany, Grodno Gub. STEINBERG-Phila. ROTHSTEIN (Rotstein) Phila. PA;
Rudofsky Boston MA: MOZENTER Monroeville NJ; CELAIN/CELIAN Philadelphia BOGATIN

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