Stepbrother? #general

Liz Hanellin

Dear Genners,

My g-grandmother came to the U.S. >from Grodno in 1910. She is listed on her
ship manifest as Riwke SCHEINES. In the US her name became Becky Shaynes
(among other spellings). Her maiden name was ELFMAN. She was 28 when she got
here and had three kids.

I cannot make out on the manifest whether she was able to read and write.
The reason I mention that is because the manifest lists "the nearest relative
or friend in country whence alien came" as "stepbrother: Simon Pesh
[illegible]." So, my question is whether someone who didn't speak English well
would have known what a stepbrother is? Can I rely on that being the correct
relationship? Also, if anyone has access to this record online, can you make
out the second part of Simon's surname?

Thanks in advance,

Liz Hanellin
New York City

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